Friday, 23 June 2017

Topshop Sale Picks!

Its sale time, there's a lot of interesting pieces in the sales - you know the things which turn up in the sales for approximately the last 10 years. I have sieved through it all  and here are the best bits!

Velvet Midi Slip Dress

Cross Stitch Jamie Jeans

Gingham Embroidered Shirt

Blossom Print Jumpsuit

Velvet Duster Coat
Fisherman Knit Jumper

Floral Cigarette Trousers

Polka Dot Blouse
Quilted Crossbody Bag

Velvet T-shirt
Pullover Jumper

Eastern Blossom Dress

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

10 Things I want to do this Summer 2017

1. Get my face painted
2. Edinburgh Fringe
3. Relax in a pub garden all afternoon
4. Beach trip - specifically Sheringham, maybe a new beach I haven't been to.
5. Picnic in the park
6. Visit a new place in England
7. Bike ride
8. Afternoon Tea
9. Westend double show day
10. Read more - May was a lacklustre month for reading!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The General Election 2017

So its the eve of the General Election, this is your reminder to vote!

Polling Stations are open TOMORROW 8th June from 7am - 10pm here is handy article about voting in the UK.

In summary, decisions made by Parliament effect every aspect of your everyday life especially with Brexit looming closer and closer. I wrote another post in way more detail why you should vote, here.

Well that's up to you. But personally I want a Prime Minister who is compassionate who isn't in the 'Political Game' for their own gains, who genuinely wants to improve the society we live in. Who sticks to their convictions. Who is a strong leader. For me that person isn't Theresa May.

Immediately however you are voting for your MP, I want to keep my MP. To find out how the MP for your area has been voting in Parliament on issues which are most important to you, you can look at They Work For You.

I love the country I live in, and I would like to have a future which looks brighter than it is currently.

Here are some articles which I have found interesting to read on the lead up to this election.
1. Theresa May must resign over 'Security Failures' SECURITY
2. UK Police Numbers Have Been Cut POLICE
3. UK Schools taking desperate measures as funding crisis hits EDUCATION
4. How Pro- Gay is Theresa May? LGBT RIGHTS
5. May says se will hold free vote on Fox Hunting if re-elected FOX HUNTING
6. The Tory Attack ad misrepresents Corbyn FAKE NEWS
7. Theresa May's 'enough is enough' is making the threat of extremism worse NATIONAL       SECURITY
8. Labour to pledge additional £37 billion of funding for the NHS NHS
9. Theresa May refuses to rule out further disability benefits cuts DISABILITY
10. Theresa May urged not to suppress report into funding of Jihadi groups SECURITY

Be informed make a smart, selfless decision.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Exploring Paris

Paris, where do I start. Paris is somewhere I've always wanted to go, for forever. We only scratched the surface, and I am itching to go back already.

I feel if you're trying to 'do' Paris, you have start at the Eiffel Tower and then work your way east along the Seine. Although we headed back West to see the Arch de Triomphe as the weather was way better than it was meant to be!

gazing out onto Paris

from the very top


these clouds certainly didn't suggest a relatively sunny day was in store for us

always in need of a good selfie

...walks along the Seine, laughing in the rain...

Our next stop was Musee D'Orsay, trust the stagey to find the Theatre

some art

some more art

next stop the Lourve

the reality of trying to see the Mona Lisa with one's own eyes

then you get a shoddy picture 👌

Winged Victory of Samothrace

and the Arc De Triomphe

And thats it for my time in Paris, I am more than aware there was way more to see, I can always go again though!

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Saturday, 27 May 2017

I went to... Disneyland Paris

Hello! This is my first post since my Paris trip and it is absolutely fair to say the trip went by so unbelievably quickly. This is going to be a photo diary, come outfit post, come haul. Something for everyone.

Outfit details time
Can we firstly just say how HOT it was, grey was not the colour to be wearing hahahaha. Obviously I was wearing my Mickey Ears, because when else am I going to wear them?! I wore a grey Mickey Mouse top which I picked up from Primark. In an effort to keep semi cool I wore these extremely baggy culottes (spoiler was still super hot). As with most of my outfits I had my trusty white converse.

It's time for a little haul!
Is it actually possible to got to Disney and not come away with some Disney merch?! I think not. I didn't go as wild as I did in LA but I have a few bits to remember my time.

 I have been wanting a Disney Christmas Tree bauble since I went to Disney last year and was gutted I hadn't picked on up. What tree is complete without a little bit of Disney magic?!

A key ring a highly useful purchase. For ages I have had this awful RAF keyring for my car key, and I have been looking for the longest time for a keyring that will clip on and off my main keys. 

We have Disney pens for our sign in sheets at work, since I am leaving my life would be somewhat empty without Disney pens in my life.

Finally if you like me have Disney magic withdrawals here is a Spotify playlist I found to bring some magic in to your day!

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

What I wear to work - May 2017

Hello and welcome to my second What I Wore to Work post... not done over 1 week as I was super forgetful but here are 4 days worth of outfits. As with the last post I did like this, pictures are in the accessible toilet, sorry!

Tuesday 9th May
The weather was particularly rubbish this day and I was fed up of wearing dark drab colours. So I popped on my brightest jumper, and my red shows - along with my black joni jeans and brightened up the office. (btw I have no idea what is happening with my hair!)

Friday 12th May
I call this my man repeller outfit. Good job I'm not looking for no man then! This is also literally the comfiest outfit - no one knows you're wearing trainers under the desk. My culottes are from New Look, my stripey top was in the Jack Wills sale and I'm wearing a vintage levi's denim jacket, obviously I took this off in the office.

Saturday 13th May

I think this is the most casual outfit I have worn to work. To be fair it was Breakin' Convention, which brought the best hip hop acts from Norwich and around the world to the theatre. TBF I would have looked out of place dressed super smart.

Monday 15th May

This outfit easily conforms most closely to the smart casual dress code at work. As you can see black jeans are an absolute necessary in my work wear wardrobe in the cooler months- which I wish would end. Whilst being perfect for work this outfit is perfectly on trend, dusty pink and ruffles. Then loafers which seem to be going nowhere thanks to Gucci.

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